Learn more about SmartCSM with answers to some of the questions we hear most frequently from current and perspective clients.

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Q: Do I need to be technical to use SmartCSM?
A: No. The software has a very easy to use, simple point and click design that is as easy as using Craigslist or logging onto your email.

Q: How is this different than what I currently have?
A: Current solutions do not allow for a simple understanding of a building’s inner-workings, nor do they allow users to easily track or implement changes that have been made to the building. Reading and making changes to designs with existing solutions require considerable training, extensive work and lack the ease of use that is offered with the SmartCSM platform.

Q: Can SmartCSM be used in the field?
A: Yes. Because all the building’s data is designed to be used in the field, not only can it be viewed on a desktop computer but it can also be viewed through any wireless mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Q: How easy is it to learn to use SmartCSM?
A: The software is very simple to use and can be mastered in less than 1 hour. We have an online video tutorial that gives step by step instruction. We also provide guided on-boarding included with your plan as well as extensive technical support.

Q: Does it really matter if I don’t have a full understanding of my buildings infrastructure?
A: Yes! Truly not understanding how a building is wired, inter-associated or altered can lead to catastrophic system failures, accidents and even death. The net result can potentially cost facilities managers and building owners millions of dollars in shutdowns (lost revenues), redundant repairs (fixing the same problem several times) and fines/lawsuits (OSHA fines and potentially criminal prosecution).

Q: Can the building’s SmartCSM information be printed if I need a paper copy?
A:Yes. Because all of the data is digital, the entire process is paperless. However, if a paper version is needed, we do offer the ability to print out the designs, so you can have it in hand.

Q: Does SmartCSM keep my information safe?
A: Yes, absolutely! Security is very important to the SmartCSM team. Because of that all of our client’s building information resides in a secure cloud, behind an encrypted firewall, that can only be accessed by authorized users.

Q: What if I need more options and functionality than what is currently offered?
A: For clients who have very specific requirements, in addition to the software’s current capabilities, we do offer the ability to tailor our solutions to meet those needs.

Q: What are the benefits of utilizing a QR code?
A: SmartCSM acknowledges the importance of time efficiency. The QR code allows you to obtain desired information from the panel from a phone or tablet without having to physically open the panel or seek panel schedules.

Q: Can we import data offline?
A: Yes, our software also counts with an offline application which allows you to upload data offline. When you connect to a wifi source, the data will automatically be updated.

Q: What safety measures have been taken to prevent data lost?
A: SmartCSM is a cloud based software which ensures the safety of your imported data. If data happens to get deleted, we can recover all data inputted into the software before data loss. SmartCSM acknowledges the importance of data loss and the security safety of our clients.

Q: Is there a limit for the amount of icons one can create?
A: No, SmartCSM allows you to create an infinite amount of icons in the software.

Q: What is SmartCSM?
A: SmartCSM is a cloud based software that enables companies to bring their building’s infrastructure online, reduce risk, and save money and time.

Q: What is the minimum contract I can obtain?
A: The minimum contract is a three year subscription. We offer a 5% discount if you pay two years in full. It is an 8% discount if you pay your 3-year subscription in full

Q: Can I cancel my subscription before my contract is over?
A: No. You can however cancel prior to one year renewal with sixty (60) days notice if you decide you want to return to good old paper.

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