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Guide to Facility Management

As a complete and comprehensive guide for what facility management covers, this resource provides a clear definition for the job and its components, including types of managed facilities. The guide explains the different roles of a facility manager, such as ensuring the safety of occupants, maintaining security, managing building operations, performing facility inspections and maintenance, assigning & changing workspaces, cleaning & janitorial, and planning for business continuity. It also goes over the top skills necessary for successful facilities management, as well as those skills that offer a value-add. Finally, this resource discusses the top ten trends in the facility management industry as a whole.

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How Facilities Management is Evolving with New Technology

From cloud technology and energy efficiency, to smart buildings and the Internet of Things, technology developments have brought about some important changes in how facilities are managed. These changes have also radically changed the role of the facility manager, from grounds maintenance and janitorial services, to more high-level data analysis where FMs use technology to drive improvements in building operations.

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Technology and the New Standard for Facility Management

The International Organization for Standardization recently published ISO 41001, which draws on best practices in facility management in order to set benchmarks in order to improve effectiveness in operations, strategies and practices. This article outlines the standard and informs more on how technology affects these standards for Facility Management.

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