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Simplify your building’s data management.

Centralize your data online so you can track, fix and identify problems faster.

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Simplify building maintenance by always knowing who did what, where, and when.

SmartCSM’s cloud based software digitally maps and manages the electrical, mechanical, and security infrastructures of commercial, industrial and multi-dwelling unit buildings. It makes buildings smarter by allowing you to access your data anytime, anywhere and from any device.

SmartCSM is designed to reduce risk, prevent redundancy, save money and increase accountability.

Uniquely designed to help you.

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Reduce risk & labor costs

Easier online record keeping

Prevent redundant work

Access from anywhere

Hear What SmartCSM users have to say.

“We can have anyone’s phone ring this [QR code] up and know exactly what’s in this panel before we even touch the lock.” — Charles C., Facility Manager

We can monitor if an outlet went out. We can know exactly where it’s out and send someone directly to the spot.” — Andrew B., Facility Manager

“SmartCSM is going to certainly improve our client responsiveness and our ability to service our clients in a more expeditious and safe manner.” — Rob M., Senior VP

“By using SmartCSM, I’m able to alert our electrician as to what suite is affected by which circuit breaker.” — Michelle Y., Property Manager

Find out how SmartCSM can streamline your building’s data management.

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