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Contractors choose SmartCSM to strengthen their customer relationships.

Contractors are choosing SmartCSM to simplify the Close-out documentation process, strengthen customer relationships and grow service revenue. Solutions like BIM or AutoCAD are too complex for most your team and all your building operators to use. SmartCSM goes beyond just pdf or digital files which is simply going from paper chaos to digital file chaos. The solution makes as-build management dead simple and interactive for contractors and their customers. The platform provides contractors a view of current and historical work making it easier to service the customer, grow repeat business and own relationship for life.

SmartCSM helps you grow your service business.

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SmartCSM provides you with a digital plan room to improve and grow your service business with features that help you work smarter not harder. The features ensure your customers contact you, not your competition, on future service work.

  • Completed work delivered as an interactive digital as-built
  • Team held accountable with a history of who has done what, where and when on projects
  • An up to date digital back office plan room
  • Online access to completed work
  • Bid more quickly and competitively with building data at your fingertips
  • Save time and money, thus allowing more projects
  • Use for new construction to transition customer to lifelong servicing

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