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Set your customers up for success, by organizing their important building infrastructure data in SmartCSM's easy-to-use system.

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Deliver value long after design and build.

Adding SmartCSM to your building plans, your customers get a simple way to digitally catalogue new and future changes to their mechanical infrastructure. Facility managers are able to administer the day-to-day needs of their building’s infrastructure online, while providing their field team access to these changes and important documents anywhere, anytime from any device. Solutions like BIM or AutoCAD are too complex for most of your team and all of your building operators to use and thus are never used. SmartCSM’s digital plan room was designed for non-technical users, removing the disconnect between use of BIM in new construction and a solution that day-to-day facility managers can use to service the building.

SmartCSM increases long term building value.

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Architects and engineers add SmartCSM to building plans to increase lifelong building management value and set you apart from the competition.

  • A digital answer to paper management for building owners and operators
  • Day-to-day infrastructure data management
  • Simple and easy user experience for non-technical individuals
  • Improved ongoing building management and compliance to new building management
  • Think beyond building completion to solution that provides a return to customer for life of building
  • BIM for dummies – easy to use technology

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