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SmartCSM works with leading engineering, construction and electrical service companies in the commercial building market. As a service focused on simple data management, the solution provides opportunities for construction operators to work smarter while deliver lasting value to their customers.

Add value with SmartCSM.

Our solution simplifies the management of your projects and customer’s infrastructure data by bringing your Close-out documentation, plans and as-builds into an interactive digital plan room you control. The simple to use plan room delivers your current and historical work online helping your construction and service teams work more efficiently by getting to data more quickly whether in the field or office.

Perks of using SmartCSM

  • Connect a relationship ‘string’ between your new construction and service team
  • Own customer from cradle to grave
  • Grow your repeat service business
  • Differentiate yourself and box out your competition
  • Work smarter not harder so you have time for more projects

SmartCSM Benefits

  • Digital plan room for managing all your customers, as-builds, plans and field deliverables
  • Software that works from any device anywhere, anytime
  • Activity reports of who did what, where and when
  • Maintenance reminders and notifications
  • Guided data entry, training and ongoing support
  • Access to new features as they are added
  • Drop dead simple technology to use for your whole team
  • Turn-key data entry options
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Become a Referral Partner.

Work in the electrical or contractor field and want to help your clients adopt new solutions that will help them save time, money, and reduce risk? Become a referral partner and earn revenue for the introduction to new SmartCSM customers.

Our solution simplifies the management of your customer’s building infrastructure. It’s designed to bring their offline management of their electrical, mechanical and plumbing online, which helps them reduce labor costs, redundant work, and save money while running a safer building operation.

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