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Plus access to all your building data and assets online.

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Our IR Scanning Service: IR SmartView

SmartCSM’s IR SmartView provides you with top-tier technicians to handle your Infrared forensic testing, data entry, and reporting.

When the project is complete, you will receive a login to our SmartCSM software.

IR Scan device

Our Centralized Database: SmartCSM

SmartCSM is a groundbreaking software made by electricians for electricians where you can for view your annual IR test results, as well as your building’s various related technical assets, panels, manuals and reports.

All of this data will be stored securely online and just a few clicks away.

You will also be able to view maintenance activity in your building and easily track and identify who did what, where and when. That’s the benefit of SmartCSM.

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What you get with IR SmartView + SmartCSM

Annual IR Testing:

  • High-resolution IR camera technology and highly-trained technicians.
  • Quick and accurate scan of electrical assets and associated equipment
  • Online and printed diagnostic and action reports
  • Level I Certified Thermographer delivering customized printed and online reports that include:
    • Visible light & thermal image of hotspot, temperature rise, location & equipment identification information

SmartCSM Benefits:

  • Centralized database (including annual IR reports)/li>
  • Management tools for all your electrical assets
  • Digital access from any-device of who did what, where and when
  • Complete building interactive digital as-build
  • Maintenance and USR shutdown notification tools

Your ROI & Savings:

  • Mitigate knowledge loss when facility manager leaves
  • Easily access affected areas and building documentation
  • Get a 1/3 of your day back lost to poor documentation
  • Quickly know who did what, where and when in your building
  • Proactively avoid accidents vs reacting to them

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Hear What SmartCSM users have to say.

“We can have anyone’s phone ring this [QR code] up and know exactly what’s in this panel before we even touch the lock.” — Charles C., Facility Manager

We can monitor if an outlet went out. We can know exactly where it’s out and send someone directly to the spot.” — Andrew B., Facility Manager

“SmartCSM is going to certainly improve our client responsiveness and our ability to service our clients in a more expeditious and safe manner.” — Rob M., Senior VP

“By using SmartCSM, I’m able to alert our electrician as to what suite is affected by which circuit breaker.” — Michelle Y., Property Manager

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