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SmartCSM For School Facilities

Improve efficiency in your University's facilities management, with quick and easy access to your complete campus' building infrastructure data.

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Make your schools smarter

SmartCSM makes your university, K-12 or school facilities management teams smarter by providing them with complete, organized infrastructure data that’s easily accessible on an integrated digital platform.

This saves teams tons of time that they otherwise would have spent combing through messy, old or inaccurate paper records, enabling them to use that time more effectively for preventive maintenance vs. only reactive maintenance and repairs. Your facilities are sprawling but your data doesn’t have to be. Centralize data and identify and address issues quicker no matter where on campus.

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Keep your entire campus connected

Connect your data across your entire school campus in a visual ‘Google Maps’ style visual database of your facility infrastructure for your management teams to operate far more effectively and efficiently. Improve time management and reduce risk, so your facility managers can get more out of their day:

  • Field teams are empowered to get to data in central place, online
  • Identify and solve unexpected problems more quickly because they can know about affected areas, assets and people at-a-glance in real-time
  • Increase access and visibility to infrastructure data, therefore working more productively
  • Manage sprawling campus infrastructure more accurately
  • Reduce time and cost of searching for assets, records or plans
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