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SmartCSM For Transport Facilities

Organize your complex Transportation Facility's infrastructure data, and access it easily, online, from any device, with SmartCSM.

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Keep transportation moving

Planes, trains, subways and buses need to keep moving on schedule and for that you need to a smooth-running facility.

Airport and transport facilities are complex facilities to run but we make it simpler. We provide your team a visual interactive database that makes the management of electrical and mechanical infrastructure a snap, allows you to operate safely and get to information in timely manner. When maintenance is needed or expansion projects under way you cannot afford to waste valuable time hunting through chaotic, incomplete or inaccurate paper or digital records to get job done. You must be able to get the work done without any impact to the traveling public, schedules, equipment or machinery. SmartCSM keeps your transport facility moving like a finely tuned swiss watch allowing easy online access to all your building infrastructure data.

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Get to infrastructure quickly and reduce operating waste

Transport facilities can benefit from using SmartCSM for their infrastructure management in several ways:

  • Organize paper and digital chaos into an interactive platform that can be accessed anywhere, on any device
  • Know about affected areas, assets and people in just a few clicks
  • Stay on top of your maintenance, construction and building modifications
  • Run a safer facility, free of unexpected shutdowns or outages
  • Hold in-field team accountable by entering data in the system
  • Keep shutdown procedures central and organized to speed repairs
Blueprints shown on iPad using SmartCSM

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