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SmartCSM For Manufacturing Facilities

Update and organize your Manufacturing building's infrastructure data, with SmartCSM. Access your data anywhere, from any device.

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Eliminate operating risks from manufacturing

Manufacturing requires everything run smoothly – 24/7. You cannot afford any electrical or mechanical outages that brings your plant to a grinding and expensive halt. Operating off old or inaccurate paper records that take hours to sort through whenever there’s an issue is simply not good enough for today’s operating standards. Storing data as digital files is a start but too much of it and you now went from paper to digital file chaos.

SmartCSM organizes all the paper and digital records and plans for your manufacturing facility, making them easier to find and more visible to your whole team. Not only does SmartCSM make your teams smarter and save them time, it helps facility managers become proactive vs reactive managers.

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Keep your manufacturing facilities moving

SmartCSM is helping manufacturers keep their plants operating smoothly, with simplified infrastructure data management. Some of the benefits of SmartCSM for managing manufacturing facility infrastructure include:

  • Safer operations with equipment running smoothly
  • No more unexpected and costly plant slowdowns or shutdowns
  • Preventive maintenance vs. reacting to issues, reducing risk of mechanical failures
  • Less waste and effort chasing down paper records
  • Ability to get ahead of schedule and work orders
  • Knowing who has done what, where and when in the plant
Building exterior shown on laptop with SmartCSM

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