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From manufacturing to medical facilities, SmartCSM can help keep your important building infrastructure data organized and easily accessible.

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Infrastructure data management, simplified.

Bring your building’s infrastructure data online with SmartCSM, and enjoy the benefits of smarter, more efficient teams. Our platform is vital for reduced waste, safe and proactive operations for the manufacturing, medical, university and government industries. While 76% of buildings are 20 years or older and operating off of old and/or inaccurate paper records, facility managers using SmartCSM are able to diffuse the electrical or mechanical time bomb in their building, working smarter and wasting far less time.

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SmartCSM helps reduce risk and improve time management.

From manufacturing and medical facilities to government buildings and universities, SmartCSM offers the simple approach to infrastructure data management. It organizes your infrastructure in an easy-to-use digital plan room that optimizes time management by giving teams key information in minutes at their fingertips. It helps teams work smarter vs. harder by increasing access and visibility to data thereby increasing productivity. It eliminates the stress of always being behind caused by working off aging paper records. SmartCSM also helps mitigate risk, by eliminating data loss in cases such as a facility manager retiring and provides knowledge of affected areas, assets and people at-a-glance with a few clicks. See who has done what, where and when in an instant with SmartCSM.

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