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Have you ever gotten that 3am call…
Have you ever faced an electrical issue and been forced to wake others on your team, spend many hours sorting through piles of plans, paper and notes before you can get to the source of the problem?

SmartCSM provides a simple and intuitive cloud-based solution that within minutes and a few clicks helps you get to source of your problem within your complex electrical infrastructure.

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SmartCSM makes your teams smarter and saves them time.

SmartCSM is built to provide your facility management teams with a digital as-build map, database of building activity, plans, as-builts, assets, documentations, maintenance & shutdown notifications and IR scanning & reports. SmartCSM helps you with:


  • Eliminates stress of always being behind
  • Helps you work smarter not harder
  • Increases ease of building data access and visibility
  • Gets you ahead of work orders vs.always behind


  • Diffuses electrical time bomb buried in inaccurate/old paper records
  • Helps you know before you go; access affected areas, assets and people with a few mouse clicks
  • Reduces risk of mechanical failures by helping you prevent vs react
  • Maintains up-to-date IR Scans and Arch flash reports


  • Shows you who has done, what, where and when in an instant
  • Holds your team and contractors accountable for work done
  • Avoids loss of data to facility manager retiring
  • Delivers access to changes to building infrastructure in seconds

SmartCSM offers simplified infrastructure data management.

Electrical room blueprint in SmartCSM on tablet
SmartCSM makes your building smarter by making it easy to bring your electrical infrastructure online. The software eliminates redundant work and costs, reduces risk of fines and injuries and provides your facility managers and electricians all of your electrical data at their fingertips:

  • Manage electrical and mechanical assets using a simple drag-and-drop solution for all assets.
  • Centralize your data on SmartCSM and get out of the messy world of three-ring binders and paper records and know instantly who has done what and where.
  • Access data anytime, anywhere and from any device and provide your technicians, electricians and facility managers with consistent and accurate data.
  • Manage more accurately with an interactive plan room of your infrastructure, floor-by-floor, building-by-building, asset by asset.
  • Automated maintenance reminders so that you can remind your building staff about critical replacement part dates before they lapse.

Work smarter, not harder.

Access your as-build, line diagrams, electrical assets, documents, photos and more from anywhere and on any Android or iOS device. With a few clicks and in minutes you can review the work recently completed by an electrician just uploaded from the field using his tablet.

QR codes can be quickly added to your electrical assets for easier tracking. A new panel schedule is printed and ready to be put into the breaker with all the data you need just a click away, 24/7. Most importantly know your affected areas before a costly shutdown and send maintenance notices to folks in the area.

Building exterior view in SmartCSM on tablet
Tablet screenshot of panel view in SmartCSM

SmartCSM + IR SmartView for infrared inspection.

SmartCSM can deliver your Infrared inspection with software that also gives you access to all your assets and affected areas in just a few clicks. Beyond the inspection and reliability services, you get a solution that will yield year-round benefits and ROI. We call it IR SmartView.

SmartCSM’s IR SmartView provides you with top-tier technicians to handle your Infrared forensic testing, data entry, and reporting.

  • High-resolution IR camera technology
  • Highly-trained technicians to handle your Infrared forensic testing, data entry, and reporting
  • Quick and accurate scan of electrical assets and associated equipment
  • Online and printed diagnostic and action reports
  • Level I Certified Thermographer delivering customized printed and online reports that include:
    • Visible light image of hotspot
    • Thermal image of hotspot
    • Temperature rise
    • Location information
    • Equipment identification information

Don’t worry about data entry,
implementation is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

The transition to SmartCSM won’t require hours and hours of time spent entering data – it’s a 3-step process that is quick and painless. In fact with as few as two 30-minute sessions over 30 days you will be on your way to ROI:

We enter your starting data for you

Guided orientation and training

Turn-key Data entry plans

Measure your return on investment.

SmartCSM makes buildings smarter by allowing you to access your data anytime, anywhere. Reduce labor costs, man hours, risk and costly shutdowns. Find out how much our software platform will save you.

*Numbers Only
Estimated savings over 3 years with labor cost alone

This is after cost of SmartCSM plan. When you add things like reduced risk, redundancy, and energy savings from better electrical management, your return can be several times higher than this number.

Your savings may be limited, but we have other ways to save, call to connect with us to get a better estimate.

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Don’t waste any more time, energy, or money.
Operate safer. Make your building smarter.

Testimonials & Quotes

SmartCSM benefits everyone in the ecosystem who touches the electrical infrastructure.

We can have anyone’s phone ring this [QR code] up and know exactly what’s in this panel before we even touch the lock.
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Charles headshot
Charles C.Facility Manager
We can monitor if an outlet went out. We can know exactly where it’s out and send someone directly to the spot.
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Andrew headshot
Andrew B.Facility Manager
SmartCSM is going to certainly improve our client responsiveness and our ability to service our clients in a more expeditious and safe manner.
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Rob headshot
Rob M.Senior VP

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