Cloud-Based Facility Management Software | SmartCSM

Easy-to-use cloud mapping software for critical facilities infrastructure. 

The right information at your fingertips to handle maintenance, improvements, inspections, outages and more.

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Save time.

No more rummaging through printed plans and reconciling hand-written notations scattered throughout facilities.

Tackle risk.

Be ready for inspections, knowing you will avoid deficiencies or violations. Sidestep mishaps and if necessary, nimbly respond to floods or outages.

Get more done.

Boost productivity and track project progress, keeping maintenance and improvements on schedule and on budget.

SmartCSM at a Glance

  • Maximize productivity with a single digital source of truth for critical infrastructure.
  • Avoid the risks of lost or outdated plans and employee turnover.
  • Immediately determine supply/feed and affected areas to expedite planning and troubleshooting.
  • Access needed asset specifications, just by clicking.
  • Consolidate warranties, manuals, and other important documentation.
  • Avoid compliance headaches.
  • Send automatic maintenance reminders and timely stakeholder notifications.
  • Scan QR codes in the field to readily identify asset details.




Fire/Life Safety

  • Centralize your power, lighting, and single line plans and diagrams.
  • Designate electrical rooms, main switch gear, generators, transformers, panels, and more.
  • Identify the circuit breaker for every device.
  • Capture needed specifications and documentation.
  • Schedule maintenance reminders and import contacts for timely event notifications.
  • Organize HVAC floor plans and riser diagrams.
  • Specify thermostats, Air Handling Units, and Variable Air Volume boxes and their respective supply air and zones.
  • Include important specifications and documents for future reference.
  • Schedule maintenance reminders and import contacts for stakeholder notifications.
  • Consolidate plumbing, piping, and riser plans and diagrams.
  • Clearly mark sinks, toilets, showers, and other fixtures and identify the supply valve for each.
  • Capture needed specifications and documents
  • Set reminders, and import contacts for event notifications.
  • Catalog Fire/Life Safety plans.
  • Clearly display emergency exit locations, fire extinguishers, defibrillators, fire alarm control panels, and key initiating and notification devices.
  • Include relevant specifications and documentation.
  • Set maintenance reminders and upload contacts for event notifications.

Calculate Your Facility Management Savings

Use the Facility Efficiency Calculator below to learn how much time, energy and money you may be wasting with out-dated facility management systems. Be sure to get a personalized savings report that reflects your actual facility costs and shows the full impact of potential savings.

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How it Works

SmartCSM software is cost-effectively priced based on facility square footage. 

Standard Plan

  • Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and Fire/Life Safety.
  • Unlimited users. 
  • Complimentary software upgrades. 
  • Phone/email/chat support.

Optional TLC Onboarding

  • On-site scanning of your current plans. 
  • On-site training. 
  • Asset photos (see your facilities consultant for details).
  • Plan data entry.

Additional Services

  • Digital twin on-site survey (360 photos, GIS, plan audit).
  • Arc flash. 
  • IR scanning.
  • Mapping and tracing.

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