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About Our Company

SmartCSM makes buildings and their teams smarter by empowering facility managers to bring and manage their building’s infrastructure online.

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SmartCSM was built to solve the problem with paper in everyday building infrastructure management. The software makes your teams smarter by empowering facility managers of commercial buildings to bring and manage their building infrastructure data online.

The software delivers an interactive digital plan room for building owners and facility managers that improves access to data, eliminates redundancy, increases accountability and reduces labor cost. The visual database shared across the team helps your teams work smarter and more efficiently thus saving time and money.

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SmartCSM is alternative to BIM because it was designed to be a super simple-to-use, low-cost platform requiring no training and built to address a facility manager’s day-to-day infrastructure and facility management needs. SmartCSM wants to help facility managers move from paper and three-ring binder into simple online plan room for easier less costly building management.

Whereas BIM is used for construction, SmartCSM is used for transitioning a customer from new construction to daily management of infrastructure in their buildings. SmartCSM differs from asset management tools in the solution provides integrated view of building infrastructure. SmartCSM is different than CMMS in that it focuses on deeper infrastructure data management in an interactive digital plan room. The platform is a complimentary option to your CMMS system.

Once a building is completed, its’ documentation is stored in a backroom and rarely, if ever, seen and infrequently updated. SmartCSM wants to help facility managers move from paper and three-ring binders and even digital file folders into a simple interactive digital plan room for better building management.

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Meet Our Team

Craig Caryl

Co-Founder/Chief Evangelist

C-Level marketing, sales and branding executive who has held this position in a variety of software start-ups, entertainment and healthcare companies. Prior to this, Craig helped launch the entire Hasbro JoyForAll Division which, in 3 weeks, garnered over 1 billion media impressions making it one of the most successful new division launches ever for Hasbro.

Rob Hoffman

Vice President Product and Support

Has more than 30 years experience building safety critical and high assurance software systems and tools for electronic devices, including the main operating system for the Boeing 787, secure operating systems for government and defense, and other operating systems and tools for software engineers developing products for the Internet of Things. Rob has spoken at numerous events on high assurance software and embedded cybersecurity.

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SmartCSM v1 is born and commences beta testing


V2 is born and product refined with Raytheon and Salvation Army


Signs first large contractor partner Berg Electric


Company closes significant financing round


SmartCSM begins national roll out


SmartCSM closes first major University


SmartCSM closes first major City


SmartCSM closes first major Hospital


SmartCSM signs first major Manufacturing


Nominated as top tech disruptor by Techtopia


SmartCSM signs 10 major contractors


SmartCSM sees 500% customer growth in first 8 months

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