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Exterior building view on laptop and tablet

One platform to manage all your building’s infrastructure data online.

An interactive visual database of your commercial, industrial and multi-dwelling unit building’s mechanical infrastructure. SmartCSM’s facility management software is easy enough for anyone to use on any device, helps you move from paper to digital management of your building’s infrastructure data, plans, as-builds, assets and documentation.

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Building data management simplified.

  • Minimize Problems – Get ahead of mounting problems in infrastructure by moving to digital management
  • Mitigate Risk – Mitigate risk of loss of Facility Manager by keeping all data online, organized and secure
  • Visibility & Accountability – Give everyone 100% visibility as to who did what, where and when
  • Organize Digitally – Organize your paper or file chaos into a digital interactive platform
  • Prevent vs. React – Get the quality of your work life back by working smarter, not harder
Building exterior view in SmartCSM on tablet

What SmartCSM users have to say

Simplify building maintenance by always knowing who did what, where, and when.


Ensure your plant operates more safely, running with less waste and labor effort and free of unexpected shutdowns.

Medical Facilities

Run a safer facility,with clearly documented assets, shut down procedures and documentation your whole building team can access.


Empower your field team to get data organized from a central place to better manage sprawling campus’ infrastructure more accurately and on timely basis.


Move from paper to interactive digital management of disparate buildings and facilities providing field team with quicker access of data across their city services infrastructure.

Building exteriors and interiors blueprints shown on computer, tablet, and phone

Your interactive online plan room.

SmartCSM’s facility management software was created with a non-technical user in mind, made easy enough for anyone to use, making the move from paper to digital management of your building’s data into one interactive digital plan room a snap.

The cloud-based platform provides an interactive visual database of the electrical, mechanical and plumbing infrastructure of commercial, industrial and multi dwelling unit buildings. Using SmartCSM eliminates redundancy, increases accountability and reduces risk and waste by making your teams smarter. Bring your building’s infrastructure data online with SmartCSM.

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We help you get your time and money back.

You get both your time and money back by reducing redundant work, unexpected costs and time lost chasing paper records or sorting through digital file chaos.

Reduced labor costs

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Increased productivity

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Improvement to data access

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Measure your return on investment.

SmartCSM makes buildings smarter by allowing you to access your data anytime, anywhere. Reduce labor costs, man hours, risk and costly shutdowns. Find out how much SmartCSM will save you:

*Numbers Only
Estimated savings over 3 years with labor cost alone

This is after cost of SmartCSM plan. When you add things like reduced risk, redundancy, and energy savings from better electrical management, your return can be several times higher than this number.

Your savings may be limited, but we have other ways to save, call to connect with us to get a better estimate.

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Electrical room blueprint in SmartCSM on tablet

Bring your building’s infrastructure data online

76% of buildings are 20 years or older and operating off old and/or inaccurate paper records. Diffuse the electrical or mechanical time bomb in your building with SmartCSM. Don’t waste any more time, energy, or money. Operate safer. Make your building smarter.

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