SmartCSM: Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC Cloud Mapping Software

Online Platform To Manage All Your Facilities Infrastructure Data

SmartCSM is an interactive visual database of your commercial, industrial and multi-dwelling unit building’s mechanical infrastructure. Our software is designed to help facility managers move from paper processes to digital management of your building’s infrastructure data, plans, as-builds, assets and documentation.

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Realize an annual operating budget savings of 15%

Eliminate redundant work and costs eliminating paper chases.

Increase operation efficiency & team productivity by 150%

See who has done, what where and when by eliminating incorrect paper logs.

Reduce wasteful or redundant in-field man hours by 30%

Get to key information in minutes eliminating hours and days today.

Calculate Your Facility Management Savings

Use the Facility Efficiency Calculator below to learn how much time, energy and money you may be wasting with out-dated facility management systems. Be sure to get a personalized savings report that reflects your actual facility costs and shows the full impact of potential savings.

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How SmartCSM Works

Transform your building data to supercharge productivity by accessing facility system data in minutes rather than hours or days.

“Before SmartCSM we were wasting a 1/3 of our day chasing old, misplaced or missing documentation.”
City of Manhattan Beach

Know instantly who did what, where and when with a digital log that centralizes in real-time when infrastructure work gets done.

“The best feature is how easy it is to keep track of changes and where things are.”
Cal State University Dominguez Hills

Centralize data and access in a visual database and increase in-field efficiency with use of QR codes.

“The most impactful feature is being able to identify circuit, light fixture, all the way back to panel saves us a ton of time in the field.” United Airlines

Manage buildings proactively with notifications and tools for maintenance, repair and shutdowns.

“Most impactful feature is being able to identify circuit, light fixture, all the way back to panel saves us a ton of time in the field.” Tormed Medical Buildings

Know what’s affected before you take action which helps you avoid costly or catastrophic shutdowns.

“We realized a 15% savings on operating budget by eliminating redundant work and expense.”
The Salvation Army

Video Case Study: City of Manhattan Beach

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