Save time, money and reduce risk by bringing your electrical infrastructure online and at your fingertips, available anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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Companies Who Use SmartCSM

Berg Electric uses Smart CSM
Berg Electric uses Smart CSM
California State University Dominguez Hills uses Smart CSM
The Salvation Army uses Smart CSM
United Airlines uses Smart CSM
United Airlines uses Smart CSM
Beverly Center uses Smart CSM
Beverly Center uses Smart CSM
Beverly Center uses Smart CSM
Beverly Center uses Smart CSM
Beverly Center uses Smart CSM

Simplify building maintenance by always
knowing who did what, where, and when.

For Facility Managers
Allows for easier record keeping, reduces maintenance and construction costs, accidents, and creates better OSHA workplace standards compliance.
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For Architects & Engineers
Provide future facility managers of your buildings a digital as-build that is easy to use, addresses their day-to-day electrical management needs resolves their challenges.
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For Building Owners & Property Managers
Reduce maintenance and construction costs, fewer accidents with better OSHA workplace standards compliance, reduce unintentional work stoppages.
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For Electricians
Increase business and have a competitive bidding advantage, create stronger and longer vendor and customer relationships with a digital record of your work. Stay top of mind with your customers.
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Simple to use software designed to reduce wasteful energy, save money, reduce risks and increase ROI.

SmartCSM’s software was created by electricians for electricians yet made easy enough for anyone to use, taking us out of the dark ages of old and forgotten messy binders and paper trails into one digital data management platform.

Our cloud based software platform digitally maps and manages the electrical infrastructure of commercial, industrial and multi dwelling unit buildings. The software allows building owners and facility managers to prevent redundancy, increase accountability and reduce risk and waste – making buildings smarter.

Measure your return on investment.

SmartCSM makes buildings smarter by allowing you to access your data anytime, anywhere. Reduce labor costs, man hours, risk and costly shutdowns. Find out how much our software platform will save you.

*Numbers Only
Estimated savings over 3 years with labor cost alone

This is after cost of SmartCSM plan. When you add things like reduced risk, redundancy, and energy savings from better electrical management, your return can be several times higher than this number.

Your savings may be limited, but we have other ways to save, call to connect with us to get a better estimate.

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Savings realized by Salvation Army on their electrical utility bill by using SmartCSM.



Time savings realized by Raytheon after implementing SmartCSM which helped them avoid prior year catastrophic failure.



OSHA fine related savings realized by Tormed after implementing SmartCSM.

Affected Areas:

  • Tie your circuits directly to affected areas
  • See affected areas at a glance
  • Set up maintenance notices to those who may be affected by shutdowns before the shutdowns.

Panel Schedules:

  • Keep your electrical panel data accurate and current
  • Make changes in seconds to your panel circuits
  • Print out a branded date time/date stamped panel schedule for your panel.

Add Buildings:

  • Adding buildings are a breeze.
  • Use our google maps interface to pull up satellite images of your building in seconds.
  • Establish your electrical assets with drag and drop icon options.
  • Begin building your floors and adding your electrical assets.

Hear What SmartCSM users have to say.

"We can have anyone’s phone ring this [QR code] up and know exactly what’s in this panel before we even touch the lock.” — Charles C., Facility Manager
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“SmartCSM is going to certainly improve our client responsiveness and our ability to service our clients in a more expeditious and safe manner.” — Rob M., Senior VP
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We can monitor if an outlet went out. We can know exactly where it’s out and send someone directly to the spot.” — Andrew B., Facility Manager
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“By using SmartCSM, I’m able to alert our electrician as to what suite is affected by which circuit breaker.” — Michelle Y., Property Manager
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Don’t waste anymore time, energy, or money. Operate safer. Make your building smarter.